Are you leveraging today's mailroom technologies?

Today's mail is better targeted, more personalized and delivered faster than ever before. It may also contain protected information about ones health, finances or other sensitive subjects.

Don't trust the integrity of your mail to "spray and pray" systems used at most mail shops.

Our systems read, print and verify every mail piece to ensure the integrity of your mail.

No more mismatched mail, no more embarrassment and no more compliance complaints.

Increase the effectiveness of your communications through features like selective inserting, conditional messaging and more.

Insert nearly any number of personalized documents nested as one, plus additional static or personalized pieces that are highly targeted to each individual recipient.

And since all operations are performed in line, your mail gets delivered faster and at a cost much lower than mail processed on non-integrated systems used by most mailers.

As a USPS certified full service intelligent mail provider, you're assured of the best postal practices and lowest bottom line cost with Press America.

Intelligent mailing services from Press America. Increasing the value of youR mail.

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